Lake Mead Tours


This is a tour to the famous man-made reservoir situated on the Colorado River. It is an engineering marvel as this is the largest in terms of the water capacity. The view is excellent, and the place is extremely popular with tourists from all over the world. There are a number of tour packages from the Strip region to take you for this wonderful tourist spot. Some of the popular ones are:

1.Cruise: This journey takes you to enjoy the Hoover Dam which is recognized as the greatest engineering and architectural achievement. The tour takes you to the information centre where you get to see an informative movie about the operations in the generator room of Nevada. After this comes the exhilarating ride to Lake Mead which boasts of a 550 mile shoreline. If you choose a good tour operator, you can enjoy a three-level Mississippi-style paddle wheel. The other viewing spots are the Boulder Island, Arizona Paint pots and the Sentinel Island.

2.Golden Eagle: Enjoy this 1-hour helicopter ride and get a bird’s-eye view of the vast Lake Mead, Black Mountains, Hoover Dam, Grapevine Mesa, the Grand Wash Cliffs and the Bowl of Fire.

3.Dinner on the Desert Princess:  Enjoy a tranquil dinner with a pristine view of the Lake Mead. The Desert Princess is a three-level, Mississippi type paddlers. The journey starts as the sun sets and the dusk accentuates the romanticism. The dinner is served by gracious crew members and you have a wide variety of food to choose from like chicken, beef, pasta or seafood.